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Get a Clear Picture of Your Business with Digital Dashboards

To achieve your mission, you need a clear picture of key business metrics (leadership, sales, marketing, cash flow, products, and overhead) to make critical decisions in an easy-to-understand digital business dashboard.

Are You Flying Your Business Blind?

Business performance is hard to visualize, which can feel like you’re flying blind. At ClearStory, I help business leaders get a clear picture of their most crucial business measures and metrics with easy-to-understand dashboards that help you see whether your business is going up or down.

Digital Dashboards
Put You Back in Control

I will coach you on how to set up and customize your digital dashboards based on Business Made Simple’s frameworks. Track key metrics and data to make actionable decisions to grow your profitability, achieve goals and take control of your business.

Visualize Your Most Important Business Measures and Metrics

Always Know Where Your Business Stands

Cast Your Vision and Measure Progress

Quickly Spot Trends and Adjust in Real-Time

Example of a standard Business Made Simple™ digital dashboard, Powered by Databox™:

Keep your mission front and center to stay on track.
Always have a gauge on your business’ profitability.
See the results of your marketing outcomes: traffic, leads, and sales.
Forecast next month’s business with leads and spot downward trends before it’s too late.
Visualize the progress of your goal: revenue, leads, traffic, views, etc.
Track employee/team hours to stay on budget.
Calculate your profit per team member rate.
See your business revenue generation in real time via Quickbooks, Xero or Freshbooks.
Stay on budget with a clear picture of your expenses.

Connect to Your Most Important
Tools All in One Place

Pull your data from over 2,000 of today’s most popular business, sales and marketing applications into one place.

business made simple dashboard

Stop Guessing and Start Tracking

Based on Business Made Simple’s Digital Dashboard, ClearStory utilizes Databox to give you a powerful way to track your business performance. All dashboards include coaching, up to five dashboards, and unlimited users and data!


$ 72


Get started with:

4 Datasources
Up to 4 Dashboards
11 Months of Historical Data
Data Updated Daily



$ 1,119


2 coaching sessions
Free setup
Profit per team member
Number of leads
Orders of units sold
Dashboard hosting + support: $79/mo.



What does a digital dashboard do?

Without a digital dashboard, you’re flying blind. Whether you’re running a $50k business or a $50mm business, you need real-time visibility on everything that’s happening.

Digital dashboards give you 24/7/365 access to your most important metrics and data—all in one place:

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Profit per team member
  • Indication on whether your business is trending up or down
  • Number of leads
  • Orders of units sold



Why do I need a digital dashboard?

Many business owners find out their business isn’t doing well too late. Months after leads begin to drop, revenue plummets, and it’s too late to fix it. Pilots use their instrument panels to find out the truth about what’s happening to the plane. With a large plane (especially when flying at night), they don’t trust their instincts as much as what the instruments are saying. This kind of qualification is called “instrument-rated,” and it’s an essential qualification because the instruments don’t lie. Digital dashboards give you the information in real-time to make course corrections before it’s too late.

What applications are required?

A digital dashboard consists of five main data sources:

  • Website Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Marketing/Sales Lead and Automation: HubSpot, Keap, Pardot, Active Campaign, Sharp Spring, etc.
  • E-commerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.
  • Accounting: Quickbooks, Xero, or Freshbooks
  • Time Tracking: Harvest, QuickBooks, etc.

Through Zapier, you can add other applications like Calendy, Drip, ClickUp, Monday, ConvertKit, and 2,000+ others.

Can this be customized to my business?

The digital dashboard can connect to over 2,000+ third-party integrations. However, some APIs don’t allow for daily or hourly updates. Contact us for questions on custom integrations. Custom integrations start at $1,000 but are usually not needed.

What are the ongoing fees?

As a Business Made Simple subscriber or follower of StoryBrand, you are most likely familiar with the airplane framework. We work with you to create the digital dashboard you need based on your business assessment. We then teach you how to read the data and coach you on how to use your dashboard to make crucial decisions and avoid pitfalls. Your investment is $1,119 for the initial setup and four 60-minute sessions. After that, you’ll be charged $129 a month. You can cancel at any time,

How long does it take to get set up?

We will schedule our first call to gather your information, assess your business goals, and best design your digital dashboard when you sign up. The typical setup time is two weeks.

What If I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your digital dashboard subscription at any time. Just send an email to

What is Databox?

Databox is a data aggregator software that brings over 2,000+ datasources into easy to understand dashboards. ClearStory is a Premier Agency Partner.

Databox Premier Partner_ClearStory



Take this 12-minute assessment of your business. We will then contact you to review your results and schedule your dashboard coaching sessions.


Get a digital dashboard that gives you on-demand, real-time access to all of your key measures or metrics at a glance.


When you understand your business’ performance, you will be able to grow faster and go farther.


Install A Digital Dashboard So You Can Visualize
Your Business’ Most Important Measures and Metrics.

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