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Product-Market Fit Coaching For Your Game-Changing  Idea

Get clarity on your game-changing product or service idea with guided coaching based on 25 years of brand and marketing experience to get the confidence you need to move forward.


Don't let hesitation stop you from turning your game-changing idea into a reality.

Learn the principles of product-market fit and why it matters.

Understand if your market is big enough to build a business.

Know who your competitors are and how to compete against them.

Feel confident your product or service idea can succeed.

Many businesses fail to properly validate their product or service idea, leading to uncertainty and wasted resources. However, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to determine if your idea for a product “fits” into its intended market. Our guided product-market fit coaching service is designed to help you validate your idea confidently and move forward with confidence.


Get Clarity on Product-Market Fit

By the end of this coaching module, you will be able to determine whether the problem you are attempting to solve meets the specified criteria:


Is the problem you’re solving have a big enough market to grow a business?


Is the time right, and is the market ripe for your product or service?


Will your customers love your product and recommend it to others?

Here’s What You Get

When you sign up, the product-market fit coaching module includes:

Product-Market Fit Brand Marketing


On our first call, you will be introduced to the principles of Product-Market Fit and guided through the research steps. Following that, during our second call, we’ll go over your findings, talk about the feasibility of your idea for a product, service or offering, and talk about the next steps needed to refine or move your idea forward.

Product-Market Fit Coaching Materials


Your coaching includes the Product-Market Fit discovery template and workbook that we’ll use to guide your research. It includes links to helpful resources and insights to help you save time, stay focused, establish a firm business foundation and the next steps to bring your game-changing idea to life.

Meet your Coach

Josh Claflin is a veteran brand and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his career of working in the trenches with entrepreneurs and well-known brands, he has launched, worked with, and built over a hundred businesses in various industries, such as technology, healthcare, fitness, outdoors, hospitality, ministry, finance, and law—witnessing both successes and failures. Josh is a rare breed of creative/designer and marketer; he knows exactly what it takes to create a dynamic brand and marketing program that helps your business stand out in the marketplace. He firmly believes that businesses should not waste their time and money on things that hold them back or hinder their success.

Josh was the first person I met with when I first started my company 11 years ago. I can't put in words how valuable he has been to me and my team over the years. He helped us initially name our products (including him coming up with the name Momentum Weight Loss System, which we eventually sold the trademark to Weight Watchers for $250,000) and helped us land a partnership with the 4th largest US insurance company. He flat-out over-delivers in every way! Without Josh my company would be a shadow of itself. To call him brilliant, valuable and a tremendous resource would be an understatement.

Jonathan RocheCEO, Breakthrough Health

After creating a website for our new fitness business, my husband and I did not feel our messaging was clear. When looking into marketing guidance, it was important to find someone who would not only streamline our message, but give us long term strategies. Josh gave us a simple framework to focus on our customers' pain points and how we solve them, which allowed us to reconstruct our website and gain clarity on steps to take as we move forward with new clients.

Nicole GendelOwner, Sense Movement

Josh has a good understanding of how and why people buy products. Armed with that knowledge, he can help you create a more direct and simplified approach to increase conversion rates.

Jon AllenFounder, TRACT Optics





Purchase the product-market fit module, access module materials, and schedule your coaching sessions.



Get step-by-step guidance to research your idea, analysis and target market.



By the end of the module, you’ll be able to objectively evaluate the viability of your idea and receive guidance on next steps.


What guarantees do you offer?

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with my coaching after completing the module, I will refund 100% of your money. However, please keep in mind that we require a 45-day completion timeframe.  Any refunds will be voided if you don’t complete the required tasks.

Should I take an online course instead?

Online courses can be a great learning tool. However, they are typically self-paced and lack the personal guidance necessary to determine whether your ideas are viable. As someone who has built and launched hundreds of businesses, I offer my expertise and experience to ensure that your venture starts out on the right track.

What makes your coaching different?

I have personally witnessed the challenges, avoidable mistakes, and obstacles faced by entrepreneurs and new business owners over the last 25 years. That’s why I offer a successful branding and marketing coaching program that will assist you in focusing, saving time, and succeeding in the marketplace.

What if my idea doesn't work?

The cost of this module is pennies compared to the thousands you may lose or gain by venturing down the path of developing a product.

How long does this module take to complete?

During our first coaching session, I will provide you with the necessary tasks to complete. We will also set a date for review and follow-up. Kindly share your findings with me within 20 days. If you require additional time or if unforeseen circumstances arise, I will do my best to work with you and accommodate your needs. However, please note that if you exceed the 45-day completion timeframe or fail to complete the assigned tasks, all refunds will be voided.

How will product-market fit help me?

The product-market fit coaching module lays the groundwork for your business. It is the most important step before investing, developing, and bringing an idea to market. It is also the first step to a more extensive brand development project encompassing positioning, buyer journey, messaging, and creativity. Initiating these marketing activities without a strong product-market fit can lead to a less successful brand and—potential business failure. I have witnessed many business failures (and successes) over the past 25 years, so I aim to assist you in avoiding common mistakes.

Why do I need a brand and marketing coach?

Starting a business can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, statistics show that over 95% of businesses fail within the first year of operation. Most of these failures occur because the idea for the product or service does not fit into any market where the demand is high enough to create a profitable business. That’s where I come in. I help you by coaching you through the product-market fit module. I will take the time to understand your vision and guide you on what you need to succeed—or go back to the drawing board.

Who do you coach?

Coaching can help you achieve success if you are open to learning, willing to put in the necessary effort, and are receptive to feedback. My coaching services cater to results-driven entrepreneurs, startups, business owners and entry-level marketing professionals in a variety of industries, including technology, fitness, healthcare, health and wellness, e-commerce, law, finance, ministry and outdoor activities.

I have more questions!

No problem, please contact us by filling out the form on our website and I will call you back shortly. Alternatively, you can use the chat function located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Product-Market Fit eBook 5-Game-Changing-Secrets


5 Game-Changing Secrets to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Get my free eBook and learn the 5 secrets to achieving product-market fit.

  • Why customers really buy your product, service, or offering
  • The magic of an irresistible value proposition
  • The path of customer transformation
  • How your product plays a role in your customer’s story
  • How your product can transcend its benefits and features

Get a Brand and Marketing Coach To Move Your Game-Changing Idea Forward.

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